Pilates & You


Committing to regular practice over time results in positive and lasting changes on how the body functions, reduces stress, pain, and inflammation, and contributes to you having a better quality of life.

„We never want to make a method fit to someone, but we want to adapt a method that helps the person in front of us.“

The randomisation of the original Contrology exercises, and the fact that we can constantly make changes on how a session is structured and how we can constantly tweak and customise it, is why it is never boring but highly effective, interesting, and most importantly, fun to do!

„Do Pilates not to get better at Pilates but to use Pilates as a tool to improve your quality of life.“

What Pilates can do for you

  • developing great motor control – controlled movement creating interaction between the person, environment and the task 


  • connecting with the inherent intelligence that exists within your body and improve function


  • creating environments where you can challenge it under load and/or stabilisation


  • affecting positively on mental, physical, and emotional well-being