phare pilates

Your Place for Pilates Group Classes and Personal Training in Munich’s North  – Online from everywhere and Offline in Unterschleißheim and Munich, Schwabing

Do you wish to …


√   get rid of your back pain?

√   get a strong and supple body?

√   reduce stress and shut up the monkey mind?

√   work out with like-minded movers and be part of a cool community?

√   play with your kids and grand kids without limitations?

No matter what goal you pursue, I’m here to help and guide you to getting there.
“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”
Come and start your journey now! With all of my knowledge and experience I’ll be motivating and supporting you for great results and fun no less.


♥ Online live + Recording

Max flexibility but still fix appointments with live sessions plus recording for another 7 days. Online classes are a great option for new moms especially as it can be stressful sometimes to have to go somewhere and pack a thousand things for your infant. Semi-Private and Private Training work amazingly well online, too.

♥ Offline analog in Unterschleissheim and Munich Schwabing

There are phare pilates and phare mom courses offered in Unterschleißheim at Familienzentrum. For personal training I come to your home or we train outdoor.

If you’re in Munich Schwabing, you can find me at the manufactur, a physio practice on Bismarck St. 17, with an exclusive 4-Pilates-Reformer Studio for semi-private training and another micro gym for private training.

Start now and move yourself happy!


Classes or private sessions
are right at your fingertips!



Personal Training

It is all about you.


Enjoy undivided attention to work on your specific needs and goals. Private training with its holistic approach helps you to installing new healthy habits and breaking mental barriers. 


Motivation and shared energy.


phare classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. I give options to make the exercises easier or tougher, so you feel challenged yet capable and powerful. Enjoy group energy and meet likeminded, fearless movers.

Why move with us


Nurture a movement practice that gives you a feeling of perspective and clarity.
Find harmony!


Develop and foster a growth mindset with a positive approach to take on anything with a smile.
Have fun and play!


Create a foundation of inner stabilisation that allows you to better face the challenges life brings you.
Stronger than yesterday!


Connect through the joy and passion for movement and become part of the inclusive and supportive phare family.
Better together!


You’ll be challenged and motivated to work deep and really gain strength and mobility.
Feel the difference!


Explore the diverse range of movement available within your body and experience the feeling it gives you.
Stay curious!

Marie-Isabell Hopp


I’m Marie.

Since well over a decade I’ve been a holistic fitness coach and movement optimist with all of my heart. 

Over the years I graduated from numerous international institutions earning certificats and diploma in Pilates, Fitness- and Personal Training, Yoga, Ayurveda Massage, Communication, and coaching pre- and postnatal women. With a comprehensive Pilates education under my belt and thousands of classes taught until today, the method has become one of my favourite ways to help people feel and move better. 

Why Pilates

Because of doing Pilates, I feel better at all of my other activities. It’s simply a performance- and feel-good enhancer. Whether practised solo or complementary to other sport, Pilates is a game changer.

Pilates is, next to its many other benefits the ideal and a pretty cool way to integratively train your pelvic floor, core, and the whole body. Ideal for moms to be and new moms.

Fearless Movement

When it comes to health and movement, people are often confronted with myths and fear. With critical thinking and the latest evidence-based best practice I pursue the goal of debunking those myths and help you moving joyfully and fearlessly. 

Lots of love,